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We’re 100% confident that the Broadwater is a game-changing development that will actively restore what Hurricane Katrina took from us over a decade ago.

Broadwater Development, LLC

For decades, the Broadwater Beach Resort was the epitome of luxuriousness, trendiness, and relaxation on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. From famous actors, actresses, politicians, and personalities to middle-class families, thousands flocked from across the country to put the Broadwater’s excellent reputation to the test. Spanning over 278 acres, it provided guests with first-class dining, shopping, golfing, gaming, swimming, boating, and much more. When one stepped foot on the property, there was no need to go anywhere else!

Today, Broadwater Development, LLC, is searching for enthusiastic partners who understand the potential impact that this development could have on the MS Gulf Coast. We hope to push the boundary and set a new standard in hospitality services by providing a truly unparalleled experience not yet seen in the region. We envision families docking their boats in the marina, shopping in high-end outlets, dining at fine local restaurants, staying in exceptional rooms, and having access to many more amenities–all with creating unforgettable memories in mind.


In 1939, at a time when gambling and the sale of alcohol were illegal in Mississippi, Pete Martin, Sr., took it upon himself to bring life back into the Gulf Coast. With a knack for both gambling and selling alcohol, Martin built the Broadwater Beach Hotel with the primary function of housing a casino.

The Broadwater Beach Hotel was built with 66 rooms on four floors, with small cottages littering the landscape. Across the street, a 600-foot pier was built that contained snack and barber shops, dancing areas, and the illicit casino. Needless to say, the Broadwater was planned to attract every walk of life.

In 1958, oil tycoon Joe Brown and his wife, Dorothy, purchased the property and  propelled the Broadwater name and reputation skyward in the years to follow. A newly-renovated building, horseback-riding stables, tennis courts, and state-of-the-art marina were built with Mrs. Brown’s guidance, her decorative eye, and (most importantly) Mr. Brown’s money. After scouting pool designs across America, she then built a Beverly Hills-inspired oasis.

The Great Southern Golf Course bordered the property, so, naturally, Dorothy purchased the course as well. With her work far from finished, she expanded the main resort area to include the most lavish dining area on the Coast, the Royal Terrace. For famous actors, actresses, and singers, the Lanai Rooms were the places to stay. The Broadwater Hotel was more than a resort–it was the new standard.

In the early 1990s, sentimental memories of children riding on the Broadwater train that traveled throughout the grounds gave way to roulette tables and poker cards as gambling became legalized. The new player on the scene, President Casinos Corporation, purchased the Broadwater property and invested all of its resources in this new industry.

President Casino purchased the Biloxi Hilton Hotel next door (renaming it the Broadwater Tower) to provide more rooms and had the President Casino barge docked in the marina, but little else was renovated or updated in the next decade. Subsequently, the property declined and was left up for auction when PCC filed for bankruptcy in 2001.

In early 2005, Cotton Fore and Roy Anderson, two local icons in the construction industry, won the Broadwater property in an auction and created Broadwater Development LLC. Though the Broadwater Hotel officially closed its doors in late July of 2005, the two men knew that such closure would only be temporary, as they prepared to strip the property to its foundation.

In an ironic twist of fate, the single-most destructive natural disaster to hit the Gulf Coast came in the form of Hurricane Katrina one month later. The marina, golf course, and famed sign were destroyed, the hotel was deemed inoperable, and the President Casino barge was found beached down the highway. Broadwater Development found light in such tragedy and nevertheless pushed forward with demolition.

Today, Broadwater Development LLC is ready to begin a new, prosperous chapter in the Broadwater legacy. Since its creation, the Broadwater has always aimed to be a place of elegance, culture, and intimacy where families from all over the world could visit. Being able to encapsulate that sense of nostalgia, cutting-edge design, and coastal flavor again is what drives us each and every day.

When fully developed, we guarantee that the Broadwater will once again be restored as the crown jewel of the MS Gulf Coast and will set the standard of excellence for all-inclusive luxury resort areas. Its future is a bright, hopeful, and lucrative one. If you are ready to be a part of the team that is recapturing the essence of the Broadwater and will impact families in the decades to come, let us know!


The Broadwater development plan covers 278 acres across land and sea on the Mississippi Gulf Coast beachfront: 197 acres comprise the golf course and condominiums; 30 acres comprise the marina, restaurants, and amphitheater; 24 acres comprise proposed hospitality interests/mixed retail outlets; 15 acres comprise the recreational vehicle area; and 12 acres comprise gaming interests.



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